First of all, I would like to thank my students. They have been a source of great encouragement to me throughout our projects and my thesis work. Nothing seems to inspire them so much as real interaction with their audience and peer collaborators.

I am also very blessed and privileged to have an incredibly supportive set of administrators who have opened doors for me, provided me with gadgets and software, and caught some of the vision of this new read/write/speak/listen web. Special thanks to Chris Shannon (the blogging headmaster) and Gary Millward (Director of IT) at Lower Canada College who have been particularly encouraging and helpful. According to so many of the educators that I know or hear about, it appears that a cooperative administration who will lend support and promote innovative educators is a rare occurrence.

And, of course, I must also thank my many collaborative partners, past and present, from all around the world: Reuven Werber, Shaun Creighton, Milana Zubritskaya, Karen Fahy, Vicki Davis, Lee Baber, and many others I will probably forget to name.... What a privilege it is to rub shoulders with you. I have often said that participating in these international projects has been the best source of professional development that I could ask for!

Lastly, I would like to thank my cheerleaders and mentors of the last few months (it has been a wild ride of web 2.0 exploration), Jennifer Wagner, Cheryl Oakes, Vince Jansen, Louis-Philippe Poulin, Patrick Lefebvre, Sara Iatauro, and Dave Cormier. And of course, my husband, Doug, and my three kids, who so freely share their mom.

Non Nobis Solum
Not for ourselves alone