International Projects

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Global Project Portals :

* Israeli Pedagogical Network for Collaborative Learning

Proposed Lesson Plan by Neveh Channah School teachers for exchange with LCC this year (2006-07)
(Credit: Karen Guth, Phylis Goldman and Reuven Werber)

Starting soon - CommunityWalk (Credit: Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, Lee Barber - do check out their Teachers Teaching Teachers blog and webcast - very informative and enriching!)

LearningTimes.org is another community for educators and is a great place to get connected and link up with other teachers

Completed Projects:

Just what do these things look like?

International Collaborative Literature Project between Canada and Israel (2004-05), (2005-06)
Collaboration between gr. 7 students at LCC and Cashmere School, NZ (2005)
Website using Inspiration by gr. 7 LCC students for Gr. 5 level students in Russia (2006)
Presentation to the Illinois Online Conference in February 2006
Global Virtual Classroom Team 12 2005-06 - Web Design Contest
Global Virtual Classroom Team 20 - 2004-05 (Bronze winners) - From Our Lockers Into the World
Global Virtual Classroom Team 34 - 2003-04 - (Grand Prize Winners) - Progression through Time